Beefsteak tomato – Pihvitomaatti
Solanum lycopersicum

Solanaceae family

As the name suggests, steak tomatoes are meaty, large and steak-like. One tomato weighs around 250 and the biggest ones up to 450 grams. The steak tomato is red, and its flesh is firm and hollow. Often a steak tomato contains only a few seeds. The tomato is divided into numerous small seed compartments, which sometimes have clear wrinkles. The steak tomato is nutritious and contains the same health benefits as other tomatoes.

The steak tomato is a species bred from the traditional tomato. It is still not as well known as the traditional tomato or cherry tomato. Both Italy and France produce a variety of steak tomatoes that look like a beef heart. Steak tomatoes can also be grown outdoors in the sun.

Steak tomatoes are particularly juicy. They are so firm that they are very suitable for stuffing with, for example, minced meat or beef, and for cooking in the oven with mozzarella. Steak tomatoes also work very tasty as tomato steaks. Roll the steak tomato slices first in the egg and then in the breadcrumb mixture. After that, the tomato steaks are cooked in oil in a pan. In addition, they are well suited as a filling for burgers.