French tarragon – Ranskalainen rakuuna
Artemisia dracunculus

Asteraceae family

French tarragon is upright and has thin, elongated and narrow green leaves. The herb is a perennial and it may overwinter in a vegetable garden in Finland. French tarragon does not produce seeds at all, so propagation is only possible from cuttings or by dividing the plant.

The herb is cultivated all over the world, but in France and Italy it is well used. In the wild, French tarragon grows in southern Russia and North America. It was brought to Europe from Western Asia during the Crusades.

French tarragon is particularly suitable as a seasoning for vegetable, fish and egg dishes. It is also a spice for béarnaise sauce. Its leaves are recommended to be used fresh and can also be frozen. The fine aroma of the herb emphasizes the unique taste of the food seasoned with it. It is considered one of the finest spices. The taste of French tarragon is stronger and fuller than the aroma of Russian tarragon. It increases appetite and aids digestion.