Thyme – Timjami
Thymus vulgaris

Lamiaceae family

Thyme is a semi-shrub. It has stunted, much-branched stems and small, stick-shaped, dark green leaves. Thyme has small pink flowers.

Thyme grows wild in the Mediterranean region. It is a perennial there, but here in Finland it does not necessarily overwinter.

Thyme is suitable for cooking and its strong flavor does not disappear when heated. The herb goes particularly well with meat and game dishes. In addition, it goes well with wine- and tomato-based sauces and stews. Thyme is added to the food at the beginning of cooking, when it releases its aroma as the food cooks. Its small flowers can be used in salads and as decorations. Thyme can also be made into herbal tea and can be used to marinate cheese. It is also used in liqueurs and cosmetic products. Thyme loosens mucus and is used in the treatment of respiratory and digestive symptoms.