Basil – Basilika
Ocimum basilicum

Lamiaceae family

Basil is an annual herb. It is 20 to 60 cm high. Its growth habit is bushy. In addition to the traditional large-leaved basil, there are varieties in different colors and aromas and sizes. As an example of a subspecies of basil, Green City Farm grows small-leaved balcony basil, which has a round and bushy growth habit. Basil blooms in light lilac each.

Basil is native to the tropical parts of Asia and Africa. Basil is sensitive to frost and should not be allowed to dry out. Important basil cultivation areas are France, Egypt, Hungary, India, California. Today, basil is grown a lot in greenhouses as a fresh herb to buy at home.

The taste of basil is pleasantly soft and aromatically sweet. Its scent is strong and sweet. Basil should be added to the food at the end of the preparation, so that its aroma is preserved as well as possible. Basil is used as an ingredient in pestos and as an herb with tomato and mozzarella. In addition, it is suitable as a seasoning for tomato soup, pizza and pasta sauces. Basil is used as a spice in Mediterranean dishes and is also suitable for various salads. The seeds have been used as a gelling agent and in the preparation of herbal liqueurs. Basil is believed to ease digestion and relieve depression, as well as take care of the heart.