Leaf lettuce – Keräsalaatti
Lactuca sativa

Asteraceae family

Leaf lettuce is descended from wild lettuce and belongs to the mild salads. As it grows, the lettuce forms a round and soft-leafed ball. Often, lettuces are planted in the ground as seedlings. Lettuce should be collected about two months after sowing, because soon after the formation of the ball, it starts to grow a flower stem. At this point, the taste of the salad becomes bitter. The leaves are often thin, but tasty. The color of the soft-leaf lettuce is fresh green.

Lettuce has been cultivated for a long time already in Southern Europe, Asia Minor and North Africa. Around the 15th century, lettuce was brought to England, from where it slowly began to spread to the Nordic countries. Lettuce enhances the absorption of nutrients and contains vitamins B1, B2 and B3 as well as sodium.

Soft tossed salad is a tasty alternative to different fresh salads. Collected and rinsed in the refrigerator, it stays good for about a week. It is also used to decorate dishes and on sandwiches. A delicious fresh salad, for example a summer cheese-strawberry salad, is an eye-catcher at the dining table. Salty cheese, such as halloumi, combines deliciously with the sweetness of strawberries and a soft salad. You can also add honeydew melon or asparagus buds to the salad base. Finally, you can add balsamic vinegar and spices to the salad.