Marjoram – Meirami
Origanum majorana

Lamiaceae family

Marjoram resembles oregano, but its stems and leaves are not as strong. Its growth habit is relaxed and its color is greyish green. Marigold perennial, but sensitive to frost and does not overwinter in Finland.

Marigold is native to North America, Arabia and Southwest Asia. It started to be cultivated in Europe in the Middle Ages. Marjoram has also been used in Finland for a long time. Nowadays, it is cultivated a lot in the Mediterranean region.

The taste of marjoram is similar to oregano and is slightly bitter, aromatic and sweet. It emphasizes the food’s own taste. The leaves of marjoram are most often used. Marjoram is used as a spice in cabbage dishes, pizzas and pea soups. Marjoram also goes particularly well with tomato, macaroni, mushroom, fish, shellfish, egg and cheese dishes. You should also try marjoram in desserts such as apple treats. Marjoram is often used in seasoning with basil, cloves and thyme. In addition, marjoram has been used to flavor wine and oil. Garlic and marjoram also go well together in cooking. In herbal medicine, marjoram has been used to treat intestinal and stomach symptoms.