Green City Farm is unique learning environment of sustainable development located at Malmi Campus of Perho College.  The farm provides opportunities to participate in sustainable farming, cooking and community activities. Green City Farm combines possibilities to study sustainable gastronomy, culinary arts, tourism, business and horticulture. It represents sustainable urban farming and provides a framework for learning more about sustainable land management, diversity, and production. Green City Farm has also a Garden Center equipped with QR-code plant labels that provide further information about each vegetable and their growing methods.  Green City Farm teaches about sustainable farming operation within the limits of the earth’s carrying capacity. Contact us and book a tour or a lecture about Green City Farm!

Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College

Green City Farm
Vanha Helsingintie 13 (previously;  Latokartanontie 12)
00700 Helsinki – Finland

Heidi Hovi-Sippola (farmer):