Cherry tomato – Kirsikkatomaatti
Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme

Solanaceae family

The cherry tomato is a variant of the tomato. It is much smaller than a traditional tomato, and many varieties have been bred from it, with different flavors and colors. There are red, yellow and brown-red cherry tomatoes. However, all varieties require a warm and sheltered place to grow. They often thrive in spongy and deep-mud soil.

Cherry tomatoes are from South America. They came to Europe around the 16th century, but at first they didn’t dare to eat them, so they were grown as ornamental plants. In the 19th century, they dared to start tasting them and soon they gained popularity among people.

Cherry tomatoes can be used in cooking just like traditional tomatoes. Fresh and sweet cherry tomatoes are particularly delicious in various fresh salads. A particularly tasty cherry tomato dish is tomato soup. All you need is a bunch of cherry tomatoes, onions and, for example, stalks of celery, spices, cooking cream and vegetable stock. The soup is easy and quick. Fresh bread or a baguette is good on the side.