Arugula – Rukola
Eruca sativa

Brassicaceae family

Arugula, or mustard cabbage, is a crop related to cabbage, which is used as a spice and salad vegetable. In appearance, arugula resembles a dandelion leaf, but its taste is tasty and even a little bitter, tangy, peppery and nutty. Its taste is also slightly reminiscent of the aroma of radish. The leaves of arugula are notched, the flowers are white and it blooms more delicately than wild arugula. In Finland, arugula is often sold under its Italian name, rucola.

Arugula has been a well-known plant since the days of the Roman Empire. In southern Europe, arugula grows wild. It wasn’t until around the 1990s that arugula started to be cultivated in Finland for commercial purposes.

Arugula is often used like salad leaves to add flavor to various fresh salads. Arugula is also a fresh addition to pizzas. A fun idea is to make your own succulent arugula pesto. It is made from arugula, seeds, parmesan, lemon and spices. Arugula pesto can be used as a bread topping or as a seasoning in various pasta dishes.