Chervil – Kirveli
Anthriscus cerefolium

Apiaceae family

Chervil is an annual grass. It has slate leaves and blooms in white panicles. When it’s small, it resembles parsley, and when it’s bigger, it resembles a daisy. It is fast-growing and easy to care for.

Chervil comes from the western parts of Asia or southern Russia. Its strongest aroma develops in a shady place.

The taste of chervil resembles licorice and anise. It belongs to the French Fines herbes spice mix. Chervil is added at the end of cooking. The herb is suitable for meat, chicken, fish, vegetable and soup dishes. It is also suitable for salad dressings and as a decoration, as well as for sweet desserts such as “kiisseli” (sweet dessert soup). Chervil contains a lot of vitamins A and C, which is why it should be used fresh.