Spearmint – Viherminttu
Mentha spicata

Lamiaceae family

Spearmint leaves are pale and bright green. Below them, the veins are raised. Its dense cob flowers are pale lilac. Spearmint’s growth is sprawling and it is a perennial mint.
Spearmint grows naturally in southern Europe, but its wild form is unknown. Spearmint is suspected to have originated as a cross that produces a seed. Spearmint is our most cultivated mint and it is grown all the way to Northern Finland. Spearmint is a good plant for pollinators.

Spearmint is suitable for e.g. for cold drinks and herbal tea. It increases appetite and promotes digestion. Its aroma is fresh, green, cheerful, minty and menthol-like. In English cuisine, spearmint is used with lamb as a sauce or jelly. It is also perfect for vegetarian dishes and salads, and as a seasoning for potatoes. Spearmint for desserts and its leaf or inflorescence is also beautiful as a dessert decoration. The essential oil is also used as a perfume and flavoring agent in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.