Sustainable Gastronomy at Green City Farm

Sustainable gastronomy means sustainably grown, produced and prepared food. When selecting raw ingredients or the ways of cooking food, the ecological, economical, social and cultural sustainability as well as the overall well-being of our planet is considered comprehensively. At Green City Farm our way of thinking is based on sustainable gastronomy.

Sustainable gastronomy as an ideology contemplates the relationship of food to biodiversity, agricultural solutions, nutritional and culinary aspects, flavor and sensory world, cultural diversity, solidarity and food security. It values and understands the diversity of the world and wants to protect, maintain and nurture life in all areas.

Food is a necessity; it gives us the energy and nutrients to grow and develop, it stimulates our senses to give pleasure and it also connects us culturally and socially. Food produced in a fair and sustainable way does not only provide sufficient income for the producer, but it can also protect biodiversity of food for future generations. Locally grown food helps maintain the farmland and green open spaces of the community. It also promotes a safer food supply. Local farmers and growers are also able to tell you how the food was grown. By producing food sustainably, we can significantly reduce global climate emissions and preserve biodiversity of the green spaces.

Sustainable Future

Old Finnish proverb “jätä talosi ja pihapiirisi jälkipolville paremmassa kunnossa kuin olet sen itse saanut” encourages you to leave your house and your yard in a better condition to the future generation than how you received it.  From this proverb, we can also think that while we live in this global world, the yard we maintain – is our planet earth. When we consider sustainability in all our actions, we are proudly able to leave our planet in better shape for future generations. Within principles of sustainable gastronomy, it can be enjoyable and above all – it tastes good.