AgriCulinary Students’ Study Trip to Denmark

The three-day study trip of AgriCulinary students outside Finland took place at Zealand Business College in Denmark from May 6th to 8th.  The students learned about the use of seaweed in food preparation and raising rabbits.

New grain varieties and grain grinding

On the very first day, we explored the different types of grain grown in Denmark. In the teaching kitchen of ZBC College’s restaurant school, we milled a blend of flour from various grain types, which we used in small groups to prepare pizza doughs to rise for the evening meal.

Seaweed jam with the Danes

After our kitchen activities, we headed to the seaside where Danish students guided us through seaweed-themed points. We strengthened our thigh and abdominal muscles as we waded in the sea to collect seaweed, which was floating in the salty water in various species. We tasted the fresh seaweed directly from the sea, marveling at its fresh and delicious taste.

Danish pizza blues and smoked seaweed

From the Baltic Sea shore, we returned to ZBC College for lunch, after which the pizza blues began. The doughs we prepared in the morning had risen perfectly for the evening, and we made pizzas in the Danish style. The toppings included seaweed, pork, and Danish local cheese. The table was laden with seaweed-topped pizzas, providing us with a tasty dinner. We also prepared pickled and dried seaweed to take home, which will garnish dishes at the Restaurant Pelto event we are organizing on August 31 as part of our final project.

Excited and fascinated by the new ingredient, we experimented with smoking seaweed. The smoking was so successful that we ended up making smoked seaweed pizza. The visit day concluded at the ZBC College agricultural school, where we met adorable cows and calves.

Getting to know the breeding of rabbits

A new day dawned, and after breakfast, we headed back to the ZBC College agricultural school, where we learned about rabbit farming and slaughtering. From the barn, we took nine rabbits with us. Solemnly, we moved to the large shed where the rabbits are slaughtered. The students euthanized the rabbits and processed them in pairs.

What did we learn? A very quick and painless way to euthanize a rabbit, remove its internal organs, and skin it. On the edge of the field, we cooked rabbit food over a fire and played games to get to know each other better. We had a pleasant Finnish-Norwegian-Danish evening with rabbit stew and side dishes.

A tour in the heart of Copenhagen

On the last day, we bid farewell to the Norwegians and some of our Danish hosts. Luckily for us, we had a couple of hosts join us on the bus to introduce us to our destination, Copenhagen. In Copenhagen, the owner of the restaurant Butcherian told us about his restaurant’s business idea and food philosophy. In the remaining hours before our return flight, we visited agreed-upon places such as a local cheese factory and bakery.

Text: Jarmo Liimatainen, lecturer

AgriCulinary Erasmus + Project
Coordinator: Perho Liiketalousopisto
Partners: Mosjøen videregående skole (MVGS, Norway) and Zealand Business College (ZBC, Denmark)